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Patrice Hepburn

Patrice Hepburn
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Birthday: 2nd February
  • Patrice Hepburn is a young! She's a petite, thin girl at 5'4.5" and just 105lbs. She's got a huge cock for her size. Her petite feet are a size 7.

    She's in school learning how to do hair and make-up.

    She likes to draw, write songs and sing. She prefers men, and although she's inexperienced sexually, she's very willing to explore.

    Her favorite style of sex would have to be oral. Almost anything wet and sloppy gets Patrice really hot!

    She's versatile and loves having the freedom to change things up and taking turns with her partner.

    "I wouldn't say I necessarily have any specific special features except for my signature red hair and dark cat eyes, as well as having one tattoo on my left ankle."

App-patricehepburn Footfriday

Radius took the opportunity to get Patrice out to stretch her legs and take some gorgeous shots in the Nevada desert. This perennial favourite on Grooby sites, is always a welcome return and has a hardcore group of fans. We start with some nice SFW shots out in the open air, and then back to the black sofa where Patrice is already worked up, already hard and bursting out of her panties.Legs up, legs apart, ass open, cock hard, nipples perky, big smile … Patrice at her best.

22nd Feb 2023

15:27 HD Video
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